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Script Writing


Unbox Demo will provide a script for your video. Each script allows for 2 editing revisions based on notes from the client on the assumption that feedback is given in a timely manner.



If you want more than one actor showing off your product or have a very specific look you need the actor to have, this is where this add-on can help you.

On Location

$850 – $1,500

Looking to shoot outside of the studio such as in a park or the beach? Then you may want to have additional locations as your add on.

B-roll & Stock


Upon request, Unbox Demo will include stock footage and/or b-roll in the product video. Such additions can help enhance the video and get a specific idea across that you may want in your product video.

Green Screen


Don’t want to pay for an entirely new location? A blue screen or a green screen in the studio can do the job for a more affordable price.